Saw “Matrix Reloaded” Last Night

Now *that* was gnostic. I’ll stick around for #3, but this one was pretty clearly arguing that the whole “Christ-myth” of the first movie was a lie planted by the Architect in order to [insert technobafflegab here]. Bottom line: Everything is about power and knowledge, not love. Of course, Neo chose love anyway and things don’t seem to be going *quite* all the Architect’s way, so perhaps the Architect will himself be shown as the “Prince of this world” and not as God (assuming there is a Happy Providential Ending). But that remains to be seen. At present, it appears to be veering toward packaging pop Buddhism in a glossy candy wrapper. And Buddhism has some strong affinities (particularly in pop Western incarnations) with gnosticism.

I do think that there was a quantitative leap both in spectacular cool action sequences and in the amount of sheer mumbo-jumbo. I also suspect that future generations will look back on Lawrence Fishburne’s performance as one of the most hilariously pompous series of line deliveries in all cinema history.