I’m beginning to think there should be a 3 day moratorium on all commentary on Church news

…so that people can stop and figure out what happened *before* they vent their spleens about it. (Yes, I’m guilty too.)

Case in point: this increasingly mystifying “agreement” that Bp. O’Brien of Phoenix signed. What is it? What does it do? What does he admit to? Is it legal, according to either US or canon law? What sort of “powers” is he relinquishing and to whom? Do they have the authority to assume those powers? How in hell can some civil authority assume, as appears to be happening, the control of part of the Church? Where’s the separation of Church and state crowd? Are the papers reporting it accurately (“O’Brien admits cover-up,” says the headline, but then five paragraphs down, the article says: “He declined to identify many of them and denied their actions were covered up.”) What is Rome doing and why is it doing it? Yes, yes, I know “sources” say Rome is refusing to let O’Brien resign “for fear that such a move would create the impression the church was yielding to pressure from civil authorities and disgruntled faithful.” Yet, that does raise some questions. If they are afraid of Caesar having too much power, why leave a nincompoop in who appears to be in the process of signing that power away to Caesar? There are an awful lot of loose ends here and I think insta-analysis is probably counter-productive.