Eve Tushnet writes:

Not sure if you’ve seen this already, but Maggie Gallagher has started a really awesome project at http://www.marriagedebate.com/blog/blog.htm –basically a site where foes and backers of same-sex marriage can have an up-front and intellectually rigorous discussion. Right now the content is about 50/50 pro-con; Maggie posts pro-SSM emails and replies to them. She’s getting responses from the most cogent defenders of SSM. I may be doing some writing for the site as well. She’s definitely pulling together the best arguments I’ve seen on either side, starting from the stance that marriage is crucial to sustaining society. So far there are no accusations of bigotry and no citing of Leviticus, which suggests to me that this site could reshape the debate. (So much of politics is image–”I don’t like abortion, but I don’t want to be like those people shouting outside the clinics.”)

Anyway, I am at least 90% sure you will really like this site, and would of course greatly appreciate if you could add it to your blogroll. Maggie’s an original thinker and a dynamo, so I expect this site will be bursting with fun stuff.