Sherry Weddell of the St. Catherine of Siena Institute replies…

to this question:

Great question!

The short answer is: this is no “one book/program fits all” available.

This is not failure but reality since the formation of adults encompasses several different critical developmental stages:

Seeker (which includes basic evangelism),

Disciple, (the foundations of the Christian life) and

Apostle (discernment and answering of one’s call).

For more on the subject: see my little booklet: Making Disciples, Equipping Apostles: the Parish as a House of Formation for Adult Catholics (

One of my major projects this year is to put together the first comprehensive guide to English language, parish-based adult formation resources geared to this simple developmental schema. It will draw upon CA/UK/AU/NZ resources as well as US.

We hope to have this in place for our first week-long adult formators training which will be offered in summer, 2004 in Oakland and Colorado Springs.

If you are aware of great resources designed to form lay apostles at the parish level, send em my way!

Sherry Weddell