We took it easy on the El Tourista way of life and simply went to Glen Eyrie, the castle built by Gen. Palmer, the Quaker Civil War general. A splendid place built by a guy who appears to have been a sort of 19th Century Bill Gates. He was an engineer with tons of creativity and the money to realize his ideas. The place was state of the art for 1871 and is still wonderful to wander through today. It’s owned by the Navigators now and is a sort of conference center and think tank for global evangelization. If Focus on the Family is the Vatican of Evangelicalism, this is its St. John Lateran. Lovely people everywhere. After that, it was home for naps (the heat is pushing 100) and then off for dinner to the Macaroni Grille and a little birthday celebration for Sherry Weddell. (Oh, speaking of Sherry, Fr. Michael Sweeney, also of the Siena Institute was interviewed on Catholic Answers Live yesterday. When they put a link to the broadcast on their archives, I’ll let you know). Anyway, yesterday was another lovely evening. Watched another “Jeeves and Wooster” to round things off and went to bed. Today we’re off to the Renaissance Festival.