The Day Before Yesterday…

We went to the Rock Ledge Living History Museum. My son Sean was particularly impressed at the Native American portion, though he was confused because our guide, though a Cherokee, looked and sounded like any ordinary modern American young woman. His confusion only deepened when I explained that she didn’t live in the teepee there at the site but instead lived in a regular house like everybody else. The kidlets got to help the kid at the pioneer house make chinking (the mud and straw mixture that’s squished between the logs of the cabin to keep the wind out. There’s also a working farm, a blacksmith’s shop, and a state of the art turn of the century house built by General Palmer for a relative. Palmer was the Quaker Civil War general who founded Colorado Springs. Today we will visit his house in Glen Eyrie.

Yesterday we went to the Cave of the Winds. Way cool. As a kid, I was always a big fan of Journey to the Center of the Earth and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten. Plus, when the temperature is 100 degrees, a place where it’s always 54 degrees is nice. Oh, and to be sure of our food supply in the event of a cave-in, we were sure to bring a friend along named Timothy.

After the caves, most of the adults went to the Crags. My friend Sherry assured us it was a flat hike and only 1.5 miles. What she failed to explain was that, in Coloradan, “flat” mean “a 700 foot gain in elevation from trail head to summit.” One of my math competent readers can work out the angle of ascent from there. Anyway, as an official wheezing, one-lunged fat guy, I’m here to tell you it was… a challenge, especially at 10,000 foot oxygen levels. (The most ominous thing a hiker can hear from people coming back down the trail is, “The view is worth it.”) But we made it, had a spectacular view indeed of the Rockies, a fine little lunch and then a considerably easier hike back down.

Last evening, like every evening so far, was warm and pleasant, spent in good company and reading or, in last night’s case, watching bat flit about for a while and then enjoying a Jeeves and Wooster DVD. For some reason, bed sounded particularly appealing and I found it relatively early.