O My Jesus forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven especially those most in need of thy mercy.

Steve Riddle contends that this prayer has meaning, particularly in the case of world historical monsters like Hussein’s sons. I tend to agree with him. Disputations doesn’t. I think it’s an interesting discussion. I’m rather dubious the prayer will do Hussein’s sons any good. But on the off chance that it might, and on the more hopeful chance that it will do good for those whose hearts are filled with hatred and bitterness toward them, freeing them from spiritual prisons that they would be in long after the deaths of their victimizers, I think it should be prayed. Be sure to check out the interesting comments thread. Riddle is the soul of Christian courtesy and charity. Tom is the soul of Thomistic clarity, despite his love of beer. Caveat: Read him and Tom only in the comments box. Skip the spewings from another contributor about how prayers for God to grant mercy to sinners are an “insult”. They’ll just make you stupider.