All my troubles seemed so far away. As a matter of fact, they still seem far away today! Spent the afternoon yesterday in Old Colorado Springs at the library, where they did a presentation on hawks, falcons, and kestrels with real birds. Peter and Sean ate it up. My friend Sherry found a DVD of the entire first season of Jeeves and Wooster, so we were able to introduce the pleasures of P.G. Wodehouse to my friend Dave that evening. Coming home, Peter felt a bit woozy with the heat, so we dropped him home and Jan continued the trek for various supplies for our evening feast. It was a bit cooler last night (a welcome relief). My son Luke, meanwhile, took it in hand to go with a friend to claim one of the “Fourteeners” (there are 53 mountains in Colorado that are over 14,000 feet. He got up at 2:00 yesterday morning, drove for three hours, and commenced the hike at dawn, reaching the summit at 9:40 or so. Picked one flower for his girlfriend (the incurable romantic) and headed down after a few photos and signing the guest registry. Saw critters like marmots and foxes on the way up and down. Finally got home at about 5:30, ravenous as a wolf. What a wonderful kid!

Today we’re off to the Cave of the Winds and the Living History Museum.

Oh, and Harry Potter 5 is fun. So is having the leisure time to just read a book uninterrupted. I realized yesterday that this is the longest vacation (1 and 1/2 weeks that I have had since my marriage 20 years ago. No wonder I feel tired so much. Anyway, a glorious time is being had by all. Sean even got to go to the dollar store and spend his little wad of 49 cents on plastic soldiers and Legos (with some parental augmentation).