C. Peter Wagner Has Decided (Hold on to Your Hats) That Catholicism is a Demonic Covenant

Wagner has been a pretty big noise among charismatics and Pentecostals. The reason this is interesting is that he has such strong ties in Evangelical missions and is one of the big wheels of something called the “New Apostolic Reformation”, the latest incarnation of the Bullwinkle Syndrome (Motto: “This time for sure!”). He is trying to lead a resistance to the general warming trend of many non-denoms toward the Catholic Church, publishing such fine tomes as Freedom from Catholicism and sponsoring stuff like the “Cleansing Stream” movement (which has featured apostolic practices like barfing up evil spirits). I know. It sound ridiculous and it is. But many anti-Catholic movements have been silly–and dangerous.

The interesting thing is that Wagner seems to be being treated with polite silence by his fellow non-denoms, like a batty uncle shunted to the attic when the guests come over. Catholics should be grateful for this. Here’s hoping that he comes to his senses.

Oh, by the way, one amusing sidelight to the various agitations in non-denom world is that some of Wagner’s enemies accuse him of being too close to… Catholicism!

It will be interesting to see how Wagner’s latest “revelations” are received by mainstream Evangelicalism.