Went to Pike’s Peak Yesterday

19 miles from gate to summit through beautiful woods that faded away at the timberline to land that reminded me of photos of the Scottish moors and finally to a barren windswept summit of Pike’s Peak granite (reddish, not gray) that had a commanding view of the Whole Wide World. Oxygen, already available in limited quanities in Colorado Springs (about 2/3 of Seattle’s supply) is even more parsimoniously distributed up there (14,110 ft above sea level). Strenuous exercise such as “walking around” or “getting out of the car”, combined with a gunky lung infection (for which I covet your prayers), left me pretty light headed for a bit, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. This, by the way, is the place that Katherine Lee Bates went for a picnic on July 22, 1893 (exactly 110 years ago today) and was moved to write the song that *should* be our national anthem, “America”.