What to do?

Pike’s Peak? Fossils? Cowboy Museum? Multitudes, multitudes in the Valley of Decision. Yesterday, went to Uncle Wilbur Fountain where kids can run around and get soaked. Every hour or so, Uncle Wilbur rises out of the fountain playing a tuba solo and squirting water from the tuba. True odd Americana. Half the party eventually decided to go home (including the little ones) while the other half decided to hang around for a live blues band concert. While waiting for that, I wandered around downtown, went to the Cathedral. I was carrying my copy of Harry Potter 5 and rejoiced in the knowledge that nobody at a Catholic Church would cluck their tongue at me if they saw it on the pew during Mass. However, the cathedral (which looks like a miniature version of my own beloved Blessed Sacrament ) was closed for Voskofication.

So I wandered away, ran across a steak house and, this being vacation and all, went in and had a lovely dinner with lots of ice water while I quietly read my fun little book in a nice air-conditioned restaurant. Then it was back to Acacia Park where I met up with Thor and Cow (my two oldest boys with penchants for nicknames) laid around on the grass and listened to a blues band open air performance featuring a sax play who looked like Dumbledore. Eventually, the guys wandered off to play shuffleboard (a game I associate with old guys who yell, “You kids get off my lawn!”, not teenagers). Cow won–barely.

Then it was off home for a lovely long evening of conversation with friends (note to reader Kathie–Dave and Sherry say “Hello!” as do the guiding lights of St. Catherine of Siena). Tall glasses of cool water. Evening breeze. Soft lights. Finally, to bed. Life is good.