For all those hotheads inclined to panic and say, “Schism? Bring it on!” because of one lousy meeting by a couple of bishops with the Usual Suspects

A reader writes about this article:

It has some helpful information, in particular:

The gathering, billed as a dialogue concerning ”The Church in America: The Way Forward in the 21st Century,” was organized by Geoffrey T. Boisi, a former chairman of the Boston College board of trustees who was vice chairman of JPMorganChase and co-CEO of JP Morgan….

None of the bishops returned calls seeking comment, but a spokesman for the bishops’ conference, Monsignor Francis J. Maniscalco, said by e-mail, ”The meeting was described by those who suggested it as an informal and confidential session for the sharing of some concerns. It was not an organizing or planning meeting. The bishops in attendance were not representing the conference but attended as individuals without any expectation that the meeting would lead to anything beyond the sharing that occurred during its course.”

So it doesn’t sound like the bishops decided to consult this particular group, or chose who would be invited, but rather, some organizers put together the meeting, selected the participants, and invited the bishops to it. In fact, it’s not a bad idea: other groups of Catholics might well consider doing the same.

As for meeting with “a group of dissenters”, Jesus met (and ate with) with pharisees, prostitutes, extortionists (e.g. 1st century Roman tax collectors), and other unsavory characters, so even if the participants are dissenters, we cannot really fault the bishops over that, can we?

And I daresay that before irresponsibly panicking, throwing in the towel, and abandoning the Church to leftist dissent, it might behoove people to, oh, suggest that perhaps a meeting should be organized between bishops and those who actually respect the Church’s teaching.

The Left has learned an important lesson. Endless persistence. So many orthodox Catholics talk as though a single setback means it’s time to throw in the towel.