Kathy Shaidle Explains it All for You

Relapsed Catholic trudges through the snow in her mucklucks to do her computer duties and graciously responds to my question:

As far as our hilarious ‘immigration policies’

If you land at Pearson Airport and claim refugee status, you may list your previous occupation as Captain of the People’s Front of Judea or somesuch. Now, since ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,’ everybody has to be given the benefit of the doubt. So the officials go, ‘OK, Joe Blow, we’ll investigate your refugee claim, so go away and come back in two months.’

I’m not kidding. The guy obviously wanders off, hangs out in homeless shelters and does who knows what, who knows where. yes, regular immigrants need sponsors and so forth, but refugees are exempt from that, and from needing proper papers etc.

If you question this (in Toronto at least) at parties or in the press, you are called a racist to your face. Again, please know I am not exaggerating. Multiculturalism is the secular religion here, not hockey. It can NOT be questioned. The other day our workplace held a mandatory Diversity Training session (lecture actually) that cautioned us, among other things, not to insult members of the “Trans Community” (pre-op transsexuals) should we encounter them in the washrooms. No one had any questions or comments because etiquette allows for none.

And as you know, we also have laws that say we can’t return criminals to their homeland if it has the death penalty (that means YOU); so serial killer Charles Ng, who actually videotaped himself torturing and killing women (freeze-frames of bound and gagged women who clearly knew they were minutes from death appeared in our newspapers), could not be extradited to the US. The man who killed 13 college girls in the Montreal Massacre was actually of Muslim extraction; Lepine was his stepfather’s name– the event is solemnly commemorated every year, but his real, Middle Eastern birth name was never mentioned in 15 years until I read it in a Mark Steyn column last year. But since that event, it has been considered ok to say “every man is a potential Mark Lepine” on the state-sponsored airwaves and get awards (literally) for saying so. But were I to say “Mark Lepine proves all Muslims hate women”–well, my writing career would be over.

The greatest mass murder in Canadian history was the 1980s bombing of a plane by Sikh terrorists. The trial is still going on, and their organization is still not officially considered illegal.

All this to say: we are jerks. Here is more.

However, there has been another disturbing development. Some applicants claiming refugee status have discovered it to be the proverbial “loophole” in the immigration policy. While “persons who have been convicted of serious criminal offences or to be terrorists, subversives, or war criminals” are technically ineligible to claim refugee status, any removal order against them is conditional until the claim is decided before the Immigration and Refugee Board. If the IRG accepts the refugee claim, the person can stay. If not, the applicant still has several methods of appeal.

Thanks. I feel warm and safe here, two hours away from the longest unguarded border in the world.