FutureChurch Mission Statement (Corrected for clarity)

FutureChurch is a national coalition of parish-based Catholics who seek the full participation of all baptized Catholics in the life of the Church (by being more fiercely clericalized than ever. Forget the entire world outside the sanctuary. The only thing that really matters is hurling the pews at the priest and seizing Power for Ourselves!). Inspired by (but not obedient to ) Vatican II (and totally obedient to Vatican III, the Council of our Imagination), FutureChurch recognizes that Eucharistic Celebration (the Mass) is the core of Roman Catholic worship and sacramental life (and therefore the objective to be captured and made Our Own in the worship of Power and the Celebration of Ourselves). FutureChurch advocates that this celebration be available universally and at least weekly to all baptized Catholics (and that Eucharist and other sacraments be indiscriminately administered whether they are in mortal sin or not).

To achieve these goals, FutureChurch advocates discussion of the ordination of all baptized persons who are called to priestly ministry by God and the people of God (because we don’t believe the Magisterial office was instituted by Christ or has any right to bind the conscience of the faithful in matters of faith and morals). FutureChurch works with an attitude of respect for the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church (except when it get in the way of our postmodern dialectic which decrees that everything is about Power) and its current position on ordination (till we can destroy that position). Through open (to leftists), prayerful and enlightened (leftist) discussion and through dialogue with other Catholics (who agree with us) locally and globally, we seek to participate in formulating and expressing the Sensus Fidelium (the Spirit-inspired beliefs of the faithful) (as long as that only includes voices from about the last 20 years, in upper middle class North America and Europe) with respect to the Eucharist and ordained ministry.

We want to hear from you! (If you aren’t the Pope or any other educated Catholic before the late 20th Century)