Ann Coulter is Beginning to Experience Establishment Fatigue

Between the Sullivan Takedown and the WSJ piece, it’s clear that there’s some sort of Night of Long Knives going on in Conservativedom.

Old political lesson: often the people that get you into power are people you want to get rid of once you have power. Tom Paine was a fun polemicist. Once certain objectives were achieved, however, he became a bit of a drone. At a more radical end of the political spectrum, once Hitler was in power, the SA was eliminated with rather more brutality. Likewise, Clinton courted the loony Black vote till he was positioned to court the mainstream, then Sister Souljah was very visibly repudiated.

Ann is a bomb thrower. A fun bomb thrower to be sure. But still a bomb thrower. Such people are fun when your movement is the underdog. When your movement becomes the overdog, such people are boorish and obnoxious. Some peculiar country club instinct in Republicans seeks the opportunity to distance itself from such people as soon as possible. So the purge appears to be on.