A reader asks

DirecTV, owned by Hughes and GM, has announced that the satellite system is going to begin showing gay and lesbian films on pay-per-view. It has long shown pornography on this basis.

Almost every hotel room offers porn these days. My daily newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, publishes homosexual want ads. Wal-Mart, I read, is now becoming “gay friendly.”

We subscribe to DirecTV. It is our only source for television. Have we a moral duty to cancel now that it has embraced sodomy? This raises, of course, the much larger question about Christian responsibilities in a pagan culture. Do what degree must we retreat?

I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. It’s a subject never raised in church, and I have yet to encounter it (outside the question of home schooling) in the many religious journals and magazines that pour into our home. The culture of the West is obviously sinking. Do what degree must Christians stand apart? Generalities don’t seem to work very well. Here we have a specific case in point.

My personal suggestion: Kill your TV. Videos and DVDs are sufficient. Take the money you save and give it to Human Life or some other worthy cause.