From the “We have the clergy we want” file

“We have a large box of letters from parishioners requesting that he be able to remain,” Rush said. “Certainly, we’ll take the parishioners’ requests into account.”

I’m right, you know. People get so angry at me for saying we have the clergy we deserve. “Oh! So you’re saying those kids *deserved* to be raped!” No. I’m saying that in a free country things generally fall out according to what most people desire. You want a culture of sexual libertinism? You got it. You want a culture where everybody agrees that it’s nobody’s fault. You got it. You want a culture that places slow, inexorable tidal pressure on the Church to give us bishops who won’t interfere with our sex lives, who will just leave us alone? You got it. And they will live out that unspoken command so faithfully and well that they will do the same with their priests.

And, despite our feigned and highly temporary outrage, we’re okay with that. We have the clergy we deserve because we have the clergy we want.

Memo to the great Teenage Church: You wrecked the car. You pay for it.