A reader sez:

You ought to get a discussion going about the new Terminator movie. I saw it yesterday and it was actually quite good. I had this opinion formed before I read the review on Decent Films or the Bishops movie page. I must say that I think Steve’s review was right on. I think this movie was actually better than Matrix Reloaded. I also think, like Steve, this series is ripe for a few more movies – though I betting they won’t involve ah-nold. There were a lot of spiritual overlays and juxtapositions within the movie. Some of them I won’t recognize until I see the movie again. Not quite sure how the Bishops can give this one an “O” and not give the Matrix Reloaded’s (with its group sex orgy) an “A-IV”. The Bishops’ must have a different view of the world than I do. :)

Haven’t seen it yet, but I mean to. One of the most unintentionally hilarious moments in all cinema history is the Big Speech in T2 where Linda Hamilton lectures us on Evil Violent Man and His Machines vs. Life-Giving Womb Woman (as she’s standing over the guy whose house and person she has just riddled with bullets). For sheer unconscious Hollywood Deep Think sanctimony and hypocrisy, it’s a scene without peer. I can’t watch it without dissolving in laughter. The first time I saw it, we rewound the tape and played the scene again, nearly wetting ourselves with uncontrollable gales of mirth.