One of the marks that something is BS…

…is when the disconnect between words and deeds is a complete contradiction. So, for instance, when a bunch of aging Woodstockized nuns get together and say, “Let us let go of the limitations we frequently use to identify ourselves and the Congregation” you know that this almost invariably means they are going to think and talk in almost identical categories, do the same galumphing liturgical dance around the same “peace pole” they’ve done for 20 years, and recite the same weary litany of typical AmChurch jargon. There is nobody more tiresomely predictable and bound to an intellectual rut than somebody who is constantly proclaiming himself free of “limitations”. Meanwhile, people who accept normal limitations (whether of their art or their creed) are often quite creative. The reason Liberated Deep Thinkers are so shallow is because they are pridefully refusing to stand on the shoulders of giants and build on the wisdom of those who came before them. “Free thinkers” keep themselves perpetually in kindergarten, because they won’t be “limited” by the common wisdom of the hoi polloi.