David Morrison asks:

Could it be too great a hope that maybe there might even be consensus building that the Lawrence decision was really overreaching and silly? Jeffrey Rosen, legal affairs editor at the New Republic, is no dyed in the wool conservative but even he can find little good in the decision, and has some withering comments to make about it.

Also, my bishop, Loverde, has explicitly endorsed an amendment to the constitution defining marriage as between one man and one women. Any other Bishops done this that you have heard of?

It’s certainly worth hoping. I haven’t been following episcopal response because of my Big Project, though my dim impression is “tepid, timid and typical”. I certainly would like to see something. However, as ever, I think the people with principal responsibility to Do Something About All This are laity. Why do we need a bishop to say the decision was a catastrophe? We’re adults and should discern such matters without having our hands held. I will certainly welcome episcopal support for whatever laity decide to do to fix this disaster. But I don’t think laity should wait around for the bishops to get something going. This is our proper sphere. We preside in the world. The priest presides at the altar.