More from the “What Could it Hurt?/How Was I Supposed to Know?” Dept.

He says that it may even be technically possible one day to transplant a womb into a man, and use hormone injections to allow a pregnancy to succeed.

Children are the little factors that are constantly left out of western individualist moral and legal calculations about the “purely private” nature of sexuality and its relation to the state.

Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that despises children. And once you’ve settled on despising them, why not make the production of them something for the lab guys to screw around with as much as they like? It’s not like they matter. Sure we may sentencing many to death and some to a lifetime of misery, but what the hell? We’ve got funding!

And we have the gall to speak as though we are morally superior to our wretched bishops and the Islamic Bronze Age Thugs! A culture that permits this is every bit as depraved as Sodom. And we choose it freely, not under the ignorance and duress that characterizes the Islamosphere. God help us.