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Coming soon to a theatre near you!

I’m not up on the intricacies of Episcopalian politics, but I gather Bp. Ingham is something of a nincompoop like Bp. Spong. (By the way, I have it on good authority from Chris Johnson over at Midwest Conservative Journal that the mere mention of Bp. Spong has powerful talismanic mojo that can instantly stop a marauding orthodox Episcopalian in his tracks.)

Scenario: You’re a Catholic at a party where the conversation turns to the Situation and a menacing pack of Anglicans turns on you to berate your communion. Two words: “Bishop Spong!” and they will flee like vampires at the sight of a crucifix. At least, according to Johnson. At least, as I remember him saying. A long time ago. And I had been drinking at the time….

Chris will doubtless correct me if I’m wrong.

Oh, by the way, once the conflict has died down you can alway mollify your terrified pack of cowering Anglicans with what one Anglican friend called “The Four Pillars of Anglicanism”: the 1928 Prayer Book, Golf, Scotch, and Tax-Free Municipal Bonds. :)

Seriously, orthodox Episcopalians are some of our best friends in the Culture War. Check out Johnson’s magnificently titled recent blog “Fellowship this, Bwana“.