Somebody asks what I make of this snippet of discussion from some board:

To believe, or not to believe in the catechism? That, is the burning question


Greg, we get the things that we are saying from real FAITH. Its not faith in a book written by men, its faith in a relationship that we have with God that is built on SO MUCH MORE than the written word. Stephonne refers to things that he knows in his heart, and things that he has read through scripture. And as far as your quotation of the Catechism goes Greg, everything you have quoted has neither supported nor defended your position, because the Catechism doesn’t defend itself. All you have done is put in writing on the oncom the things we say we disagree with, and inside those are nothing that makes us feel we have to change our minds. Greg, you seem to worship the written word above your relationship with God, and like Stephonne, im sad at that and pray it would be different. Maybe somewhere down the road you can realize that faith isn’t just about the things you can see and can touch but more about the things you FEEL. We are so adamant about this because this is what we have learned through our experience with God. maybe having grown up before Vatican 2, your view are different because you were used to a more structured environment. We, on the otherhand, grew up in the Church age of today, and we know that being a Catholic is not nearly as important as being a CHRISTIAN. Everyone who believes in Christ as the Savior is united under Christianity, certain denomination exist to help us grow more. We have learned that while the Catechism is a great tool for guidance, and the Pope is a superb role model for the faith, none of that matters compared to God because once we are dead, all we have is God and his love. The Catechism nor the pope exist past the realm of humanity, and yet WE DO. We are preparing ourselves to meet God through our relationships with him, through our prayer, and through our faith in our feelings. What are you preparing yourself for Greg?

Faith is not about what you feel. Faith is about trusting Jesus Christ, who is not a feeling, but the eternal God made flesh and crucified, risen, and ascended. Any idiot can trust their feelings. An infant trusts in nothing else. But a grownup uses his head so that he is not the slave of his feelings. The catechism is the end result of millions and millions of Catholics who had experiences of God just as valid as your correspondent’s and who pooled their knowledge to make a map of the revelation God has spoken to us. Only a supremely self-centered person would suppose that all that wisdom God has poured into other people for our benefit should be set aside so that Me and My Feelings could be put on the altar and worshiped.