On this Feast of St. Dominic…

Top Ten Reasons to Join the Dominican Order

10. Everyone looks better wearing black and white. (Not necessarily good, but better.)

9. It adds depth and resonance to all those great Jesuit jokes.

8. November is Party Month! (St. Martin de Porres, Nov. 3; All Dominican Saints, Nov. 7; St. Albert the Great, Nov. 15)

7. They validate your parking at Santa Sabina.

6. You can learn the correct way to spell and pronounce “Schillebeeckx.”

5. You do expect some sort of Spanish Inquisition.

4. Buying lots of books doesn’t count (much) against the Dominican spirit of poverty.

3. When Cardinal Ratzinger summons you to Rome, it’s to ask you to be his secretary.

2. Arguing in bars is part of the founding spirituality of the Order. (See para. 15 of the Libellus.)

1. If you do it right, you go to heaven.