Good stuff that’s happening

Shakespeare in the Park (we’re going, as is our custom, this Sunday) Merchant of Venice and Merry Wives of Windsor on tap.

Byzantine Catholic liturgy

Our Lady of the Atonement’s website

Kids who give you hope! I’ve been pleasantly surprised in this department with my own kids. I more or less had been trained by relentless cultural propaganda to assume that when my guys hit their teens they would suddenly turn to my wife and I, flip us off, and scream, “I hate you and wish you were dead!!!!” Instead, they are, well, happy and well-adjusted kids who like life and like themselves, their friends and, mirabile dictu, us! We actually have jolly evenings together goofing around and we like each others company.

Oh, which reminds me, my oldest son, Luke (the artistic one) has run across what is without doubt the strangest Christian graphic novel I’ve ever read: Creature Tech. Featuring an agnostic scientist with a symbiote, an evil ghost, the Shroud of Turin, giant space eels, mummified aliens, hellcats, a one eye love interest, and a giant preying mantis who hangs out with redneck and has a near death experience in a heaven that looks a lot like a Gustave Dore drawing, this is a tale that is in a class by itself. The author is Doug Tennapel, who some gaming afficianados may recognize as the genius behind The Neverhood and whom Five Iron Frenzy fans may know from his album art. Joe Bob sez: check it out.

Return of the King stills I tingle with anticipation.

The Therese movie

I will blog more happy stuff later.