A reader writes:

I’ve been making my rounds through blogdom today, and many folks have observed that the issue at stake in the ECUSA situation has less to do with homosexuality than with chastity. I agree. With that in mind, I hope you will remember in your prayers (and perhaps ask your readers to do likewise) the Courage conference beginning here in St. Paul, which will feature Fr. John Harvey, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, and Christopher West, among other speakers, with Masses celebrated by our own Archbishop Harry Flynn and Bishop Fred Campbell.

I find it more than merely coincidental that the Courage conference should take place so soon after the ECUSA conference, and just across the (Mississippi) River from it. May we be inspired by the faithfulness, the struggles, and the witness of our SSA brothers and sisters as they meet to reaffirm their dignity as sons and daughters of God and the call of all Christians to chastity and to holiness. Saint Paul, pray for them–and for us!