Somebody writes:

I know you don’t have a TV, so I thought I would email you. The 1962 Holy Office instruction on how to handle cases of solicitation to turpitude in the confessional was trumpeted on the CBS evening news as the Vatican’s secret instruction to cover up sexual molestation by priests. They interviewed some plaintiff’s attorney and Richard Sipe. The only person who spoke for the Church was the USCCB spokesman Msgr. Macaluso (sp?), who did a poor job of explaining the truth about the document. or at least what remained of his interview after editing did a poor job of explaining the truth.

This has to be addressed forcefully by someone who knows about the document. I haven’t seen the 1962 instruction, so I’m only guessing it’s just a reiteration of the traditional instructions on how to deal with the crime of solicitation that can be found in the online Catholic Encyclopedia.

This kind of lie, perpetrated by the largest TV network, is extremely troubling.

I didn’t see the show, not having a TV. Amy mentions this this AM too. Dom Bettinelli’s been following this story and it appears to be a non-starter. Sound like another case of theologically illiterate reporters not knowing what the hell they are looking at when they try to analyze an (admittedly jargon-filled) ecclesial document.