The Web Elves Continue Their Round up of the Aftershocks in the ECUSA

These guys do a phenomenal job. I picture them in a room that looks like Air Traffic Control, surrounded by 50 monitors with news feeds from here to Ulan Bator on all things Episcopal.

Meanwhile, we had our ELCA friends over for barbecued hunks of swine flesh last night and it suddenly dawned on me that this draconian rejection of the Tradition by the ECUSA is going to affect my poor pals cuz the ELCA has some sort of agreement with the ECUSA to accept each other’s ministers (I’m not up on the details of this stuff). So essentially, this decision now compels the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) to bow the knee to non-celibate gay bishops too. My friends are as happy about this as a man due for a root canal. They predict (and I agree) that what will likely happen is that all the AmChurch types in the ECUSA and ELCA will form a new denom and all the more orthodox people in both communions… won’t. In all likelihood the “new” denom will be the “old” denom from an institutional perspective: AmChurch will get all the buildings and xerox machines. I don’t know where the more orthodox refugees will wind up. Will they form a separate denom or go to Rome or Constantinople or something else? Hard to say. But the old status quo is breaking up.