Scrappleface Kills Me

It reminds me of what I call the Al Gore Effect. Back in ’92, when Gore was nominated for Veep, some woman I worked with walked into the office after lunch and said, “Gore sounds like a pretty good guy!” When I pressed her for info on why that was it became clear that she had none. She simply had read an editorial in the Seattle PI which planted the post-hypnotic suggestion in her mind that “Al Gore sounds like a pretty good guy”. In fact, neither she nor I knew *anything* about Al Gore. She was simply reciting what the editorial told her to think as the Received Wisdom of the Elites. I had the same sensation in 2000 when Bush, about whom neither I nor anybody else knew anything suddenly emerged as the “frontrunner” and was anointed the Candidate in a mysterious media process that appeared to have little to do with votes. Now the process appears to be rolling into gear for Dean, another person about whom we know nothing, yet who seems to have already achieved the Anointing. I sometimes wonder if we living in a democracy.