Another Reason I Like Steve Martin

Living far far away from both LA and the Northeast Corridor means my brushes with fame are few and far between. I once heard Governor Moonbeam speak and shook hands with Jimmy Carter when I was in high school (he was running for President) and I have corresponded with and had a chance to gab with Sam Phillips a couple of times. Once I even got to hang around and talk with her backstage after a Bruce Cockburn concert and could have met Cockburn (for whom she was opening), but felt rather squeamish about being the hundredth idiot to say, “Gee, I like your music”, particularly since the guy is such an obvious introvert.

Let’s see… other brushes with notable people….. well, I once stood in line next to Tom Skerritt at Sherry Weddell’s graduation from Seattle U. And once, when I was driving down the freeway near Boeing Field 25 years ago, I glanced in the car next to me and there was JP Patches.

Oh, and years ago I was walking down the street in the U District and Melissa Sue Anderson was sitting in a car between takes of some movie she was shooting.

Those are pretty much all the life-changing encounter with the Great Ones of Our Time that I can think of. Feel free to relate your stories below.