One of the reasons I love the Shrine of the Holy Whapping

Sully too has been pulling out every tired cliche he can think of about the Evil Catholic Church[TM] since he started throwing ashtrays and screaming last week. What’s unfortunate about so many of these media guys when they really try to open up on the Church is that, in their haste to find as much dirt as possible, they accept anything their crankiest readers send them as gospel and reveal themselves to be without a clue about the contemporary teaching of the Church. So, for instance, Barnicle embarrasses himself with unbelievably white-haired canards about the Pope’s “terror” of sex, abso-freakin’-lutely oblivious of the Pope’s entire corpus of thought and writing about the theology of the body. You want terror of sex, buddy? How about the ridiculous watered-down sexular approach called “safe sex” where timid suburbanites try to keep this cosmically powerful force of nature bottled up in latex and gingerly tiptoe around the awesome realities of love and fruitfullness in pursuit of the perfect plumbing arrangement. That’s fear of sex. Meanwhile this Pope is more celebrational of sex (along with all all the other meaning of our embodiment) than we are prepared to cope with.