Wow. Sullivan’s having a real temper tantrum Because the Pope Continues to Teach the Catholic Faith Even When it Inconveniences Sullivan

Throwing things. Calling the Church stupid. Doing dumb caricatures of Catholic teaching on the Sacrament of Marriage. Holding his breath till he turns blue if it doesn’t overturn 2000 years of teaching to accommodate l’il willie. I’m not as patient and kind as Amy. I’ve never seen Sullivan write honestly about the Church when in pursuit of what Neuhaus rightly calls the polestar of his journalism. I find his dishonesty tedious and annoying, particularly when he pulls the predictable cheap shot of suggesting that the abuse crisis means that Rome has no right to speak on any moral issue. This is especially vicious since he deliberately overlooks the fact that the overwhelming preponderance of abuse was done by gay priests and that it is precisely *because* American bishops caved into gays and ignored Rome’s teaching that the Church found itself in the pass it is in. (“Always Our Children” was, f’rinstance, in large measure the work of Bp. Thomas “I Need a New Windshield FAST!” O’Brien.) Now Sullivan, in an astoundingly petulant little outburst, declares that when the Church says what it’s always said, in response to aggressive new attacks by gays on the sacrament of marriage, it constitutes a “war” on gays. Like those damn anti-aircraft guns on the Arizona making “war” on the Zeros at Pearl Harbor. Why couldn’t the US Navy just mind its own business while the Japanese exercised their rights as consenting adults to fly where they wanted and drop what they wanted?

I once dated a girl who periodically threatened suicide when she wanted to manipulate people. Worked great at getting me tied up in knots the first couple times she did it. Eventually though, I just stopped putting up with manipulative shit like that and told her to go right ahead. The threats stopped. Sullivan is threatening spiritual suicide if the Church doesn’t capitulate to his demands. I hope he doesn’t leave, but I don’t feel one damn bit guilty for saying that I see nothing at all wrong with the Church’s position on homosexual marriage and I see plenty wrong and dangerous for our children in forcing gay marriage and practicing gay priests on the Body of Christ. Sullivan’s petulance and dishonesty do not impress me, nor does his manipulative threat to leave. If it’s a choice between Sullivan getting his way and submersing my kids in this sort of culture, and Sullivan leaving, then I will bid Sullivan goodbye. I feel no obligation at all to apologize for the Church’s position. Rather, it is the minority of gays who wish to destroy the Sacrament of Marriage who have the burden of proof. And, like so many destructive tyrants, they know that they cannot win in a popular vote, so they will use lawyers and courts to impose judicial tyranny, usurp the democratic process, and persecute the Church as much as possible for refusal to knuckle under.

I sometimes wonder if the housecleaning the Church is undergoing now is precisely to prepare it for this struggle. We’ve already seen what imposition of gay culture does. We’ll be in a much better position to say to larger society, “Don’t go there. We’ve tried it and it’s a disaster.”