Next on deck: Polyamory

Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan, more fixedly committed to the pole star of his journalism than a limpet to a rock, strives to continually expand the hedge of protection around his preferred perversion by delegitimating criticism of *any* form of perversion. He writes, “But why is group sex between consenting adults in private “disgusting”?

Message received: We have to move past these irrational taboos.

Now: here’s a challenge to anyone in the class: name *any* condemnation of *any* form of consensual activity which would not fall under the dismissible category “irrational taboo” as Sullivan construes the term.

Good luck!

Shea’s Law #9458: Sexual perversion, by its very nature, inexorably demands the approval of more and ever more forms of perversion (and not merely sexual ones) since to call any form of perversion “immoral” is to endanger the “right” to all forms of perversion.