Benedict and the Scandal Redux In which I continue my argument with Rod Dreher. [Read more...]

Close Down, Padlock and Fumigate Yale [Read more...]

I’m With Douthat on This Whatever one thinks of how Obama’s choice of pastor should bear on his qualifications for the Presidency, it’s hard to feel anything but pity for the junior Senator from Illinois after watching Wright’s disgustingly narcissistic display over the last few days. I think Obama has been genuine in his attempts [Read More...]

Amy Welborn and Sherry Weddell …are having an interesting conversation (or is it co-meditation) on the hard times cultural Catholicism is facing now. [Read more...]

The Worst Part Is, I Can’t Blame Jan’s DNA My son Peter, a moment ago: What do you call something you put on your finger that controls all shopping areas? Me, bracing for impact: I give up. What? Peter, triumphantly: One Ring to Rule the Mall! [Read more...]

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call an exorcist. This “ghost” is a demonic imposter! I thought the bit about the Number Two Al-Quaida guy was funny too. [Read more...]

A friend of mine writes: While searching for anthems as stirring as Jerusalem, I found this interesting article from five years ago about Britons’ choice for their national anthem. I like how it’s played at the start of English rugby games. In an odd sort of way, I can see how it might motivate certain [Read More...]

Catholic Bookseller Trade Show to Host Feast of Saint Narcissus Gene Robinson will be at the Religious Booksellers Trade Exhibit (RBTE) in St. Charles, Illinois to hang with the peeps and talk about himself, his glory, his sorrow, himself, his sexuality, his greatness, himself, his life, himself, his views, himself, and himself. [Read more...]

Sedevacantism: An Especially Incoherent Form of Protestantism So a while back, I get an email from somebody named “Paddy the Papist”. He’s a pugnacious Irishman with an All Explaining Theory of Everything about how Cardinal Siri was supposed to be the true Pope but nefarious forces put John XXIII on the chair of Peter and [Read More...]

Feddie Over at Southern Appeal is Having an Interesting Discussion on Non-Denominationalism Here and here. Feddie’s a former Babdist himself who is now Catholic. He and his readers have an interesting chat about some of the thinking that moves people out of mainline Protestantism and into various other places ranging from non-denoms to the Catholic [Read More...]

A reader writes: I read the Tom Tomorrow cartoon you ran on April 14 at about the same time I got a phone call from someone I know who lost her home. The comic hit home. Hope-where does it come from, who will present it? I offer a post of the bleak world of economic [Read More...]

A Tale of Two Covenants, Part Two In which we continue the discussion of the relationship of the Old and New Covenants, Christians and Jews, and of the various alarums and discursions among Progressive and Reactionary Dissenters resulting from the misbegotten and abortive Reflections on Covenant and Mission document. [Read more...]