I’ll be on Catholic Answers Live today at 3:00 PM PDT.

We’ll be talking about Mary, Mother of the Son – Volume 2: First Guardian of the Faith.

You can stream it here.

By the way, for those wondering if I’m going to take up James White’s latest demand for a debate, my reply is, “Why should I take the trouble to argue with James about my book when he did not take the trouble to read it before ‘refuting’ it?” If you read his ‘refutation’ what is perfectly obvious is this:

James began by opening the book, not to the beginninng, but to the Index. Why? To look for his name. That was Priority Numero Uno. Failing to find himself mentioned by name, does he then begin, you know, reading the book?

No. he then pores over the trilogy searching the footnotes till he finds the one mention of his name in a single footnote (Volume I, page 112, footnote 6, for those of you to whom this is as intensely important as it is to James White). I am not making this up nor “reading between the lines” of his ‘refutation’, by the way. This is what he himself makes perfectly clear. His absolute first priority was to make sure he found his own name in the text and he makes it quite clear that he resents not finding it. Don’t we always approach a book this way? Of course we do. Nothing odd here.

White then read the couple of pages surrounding that footnote (judging from his ‘review’ I’d say pp 108-115 or so), and set about studiously avoiding facing the fact that he was, ‘ow you say?, wrong when he claimed that in the early fathers, the woman of Revelation is “always” the Church, not Mary. He then regurgitated a few talking points he knows how to parrot (“I know Greek!” and “It’s okay when the New Testament writers make use of the senses of Scripture but I don’t allow Catholics or the Church Fathers to do it.”) and then issued the standard “challenge”. As to the rest of the trilogy, he gives not the slightest bit of evidence that he has so much as glanced at it.

This is why I find so much of the testosterone-driven apologetics subculture so tiresome. No thanks, dude. Go be Pope for your fanboys, write a couple more screeds about the book, declare victory, post some more modest icons of yourself in testament to your towering humility:

…and just leave me out of it. I figure the books can speak for themselves. I’ll wait for a critique from a Protestant who is not, a priori, committed to the proposition that Catholics are not Christian.