So far, in the past decade we have been panicked about how Iraq is going to kill us all with WMDs, how some cave dwellers in Tora Bora are going to take away our freedom, how ticking time bombs mean we have to prostitute ourselves to a brutal coward like Dick Cheney, who turned America into a nation with legal torture, how swine flu is going to decimate the population, how Mercury dimes prove that Wilson was a fascist and therefore Glenn Beck’s deliriums are justified, how peak oil is going to doom us all, how Iran is just about to destroy the world, and, of course, how Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change means that we have to immediately impose a global one child policy so that our Ruling Classes can continue to jet around in private planes and impose more draconian restrictions on the poor and weak.

The pattern that emerges over the decade is that the preferred governing style of our Ruling Classes is to scare the daylights out of people with some sort of world-imperilling threat and then use the panic to stampede us toward this or that consolidation of massive power. This fits rather well with the fact that we are a tired democracy and it is this, and not barbarism that is, according to Chesterton, the best and most fertile ground for tyranny:

If there is one fact we really can prove, from the history that we really do know, it is that despotism can be a development, often a late development and very often indeed the end of societies that have been highly democratic. A despotism may almost be defined as a tired democracy. As fatigue falls on a community, the citizens are less inclined for that eternal vigilance which has truly been called the price of liberty; and they prefer to arm only one single sentinel to watch the city while they sleep.

And we seem to be responding handsomely for the most part.

Me: I resolved to limit myself to one world-historical stampede of panic per decade and I exhausted my limit by believe the Bushwah in the ramp up to the unnecessary debacle of the Iraq War. So my motivation for buying the dubious junk science of Anthropogenic Global Warming Climate Change is pretty low. Especially, when I see things like this

YouTube Preview Image

Also, cooked data like this:

HT: Mike Flynn

plus the obvious fraud of the IPCC emails doesn’t fill me with any confidence at all that I need to be stampeded into the draconian stuff our population planners and sundry elites have in mind if they could get their agendas enacted.

I have a huge skepticism for Hundred Year Planner types, whether they be at Copenhagen or some demented crook on FoxNews:

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