Today, my minions, I actually have a real task for one of you, followed by a request for all of you (and anybody you can find who will join).

Inspired by the noble and beautiful Red Cardigan, I’ve decided it’s time for (in the words of John “Bluto” Belushi “a futile and stupid gesture” in the blogosphere that says, “I won’t be co-opted by the Rubber Hose Right” as it continues to morph the prolife movement into a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism. Or, as Jefferson Smith puts it, “The only causes worth fighting for are the lost causes.”

So, first, I would like to ask one of the more graphics literate minions and lackeys out there to come up with a nice little graphic that can fit in my left rail (125 pixels wide) that says “Member, Coalition for Clarity: Because Torture is Intrinsically Evil”. I rather like Red’s nice image:

so if you could incorporate that or something like it into the graphic that would be nifty.

What I’m looking for is a piece of code that anybody can quickly and easily slap onto their blog so that they can make it clear that not all us prolifers are buying into Thiessen/NRO/Rubber Hose Right which says, “It’s okay to vote pro-abort just so long as your candidate is pro-torture.”

Now to the rest of you, my shuffling lackeys: It’s time to pay for all that thin gruel I’ve been dishing out for free down there in my Pits of Despair and pull your weight around here. Once I get the code and stick the graphic up on my rail, please copy it on to your blog too. Stick the graphic into your emails, encourage other prolifers to use it. See what you can do to promote this little meme. The GOP is going to make a comeback soon, due to the idiot Dems and their bungling. Yet, if guys like Theissen and the hacks who are promoting the pro-choice, pro-torture Scott Brown for President *the freakin’ day after he won the Senate* are any indication, they have learned nothing whatever. The guy is Giuliani with a pretty face. So: I want to make it clear that evil, stupidity and corruption on the Dem’s part does not constitute a license to spit on the law of God for the Rubber Hose Right.

So please, if you are serious about *consistently* upholding the fullness of Catholic teaching and not just the bits convenient to some ideology, grab a copy of the graphic when it’s ready and join the Coalition for Clarity!

That is all!