Mike Flynn has a bit of fun…

with the Darwin Mythos and its incorrigible habit of smuggling in teleology and Divine Purpose into an ostensibly atheistic narrative.

In this case, it’s the burning question of why this:

looks like that.

Kipling would be proud.

Atheism is constantly smuggling in stuff from theism in order to make the broken-down old clunker work. The New Atheists (who are really old atheists) perpetually assume, for instance, the transcendant authority of their own moral values, as though they have divine authority and are not merely the epiphenomena of certain arrangements of brain protein. They talk as though it is Really Wrong to rape a woman or murder an innocent man and not merely a socially evolved trait of a particular hominid species of no more transcendant significance than one’s preference for beer over milk.

They are, of course, stealing from theism as they do this. But they often seem to be congenitally unable to recognize this, just as the atheist materialist who tells just so stories seems to be unable to grasp that when you speak of some critter growing a structure “so that” it can do X or Y, you are invoking teleology and divine artistry.

The atheist is perpetually engaged in the project of having his cake and eating it.