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Where any idiot with a webcam can make the gospel look repellent and silly:

Christian, you gots your choices. You can, in a pluralist culture, insist that Jesus is the reason for the season. If you do (and you should) then you also have to face the fact that lots of your countrymen aren’t as insistent on that proposition as you are and basically regard it as a commercial holiday and a chance for some gauzy sentiment about Family, Fireside, and Friends. When this happens, you can either continue to observe the day in love and peace with your mind on Jesus in the hope that “good will toward men” will eventually penetrate the hearts and minds of your less religiously committed neighbors or…

You can idiotically telegraph “I think the Taliban have the right idea, just the wrong religion” like these maroons, thereby driving all normal people away with the thought, “If this is Christianity, I want nothing to do with it.”

The one upside to this video is this: Christian Taliban shoot pinatas, not people. But still: sheesh!

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