As a Matter of Fact, I *Do* Live in a Beautiful State

Behold, Mount Rainier at sunrise! (and visible from my back window once the leaves fall):

Us Dark Lords really appreciate the whole Mt. Doom mojo our volcanos got going on.

  • Joe

    Thats the coolest sunrise I have ever seen!!!!

  • Dan C

    That looks awesome.

  • Jay Boyd

    I lived in Auburn in the days of my youth (for a couple of years), having moved there from California. I was told, “If you can’t see Mt. Rainier, it’s raining. If you CAN see Mt. Rainier, it’s about to rain.”

    Beautiful photo!

  • S. Murphy

    Oh, WOW!!!! How majestic!

  • Scott W.

    Have you been wearing The One Ring when we weren’t looking?

  • bob cratchit

    Love it! I was considering transfering there a few years back (Tacoma) when transfers were still available. Ended up in Northern NY instead. Still think about it but this place is lovely too.

  • Robert King

    They don’t call it “The Mountain” for nothing!

  • Robert King

    Or, as Ps. 68:16-17 has it:

    The mountains of Bashan are mighty mountains;
    high-ridged mountains are the mountains of Bashan.
    Why look with envy, you high-ridged mountains,
    at the mountain where God has chosen to dwell?

  • A Random Friar

    Doesn’t the screeching of the Winged Nazgul get annoying after a while?

  • kmk

    Officially jealous, though not in a sinful way.

    –from the Baltimore/DC ‘burbs

  • Michaelus

    OK – now you have done it – I am leading a motley band of miserable New Englanders west – to Occupy Shea’s House! 99% of us have to gaze at blank walls and scrubby trees while 1% get to have visions of Zion every morning. Its not fair.

  • Mitch

    proof that bloggers do live richly… homes with panoramic views… what is this? lol PNW=awesome

  • Discreet Poster

    Lovely sky, but my few personal experiences with Western Washington involve food poisoning, my sister-in-law’s bridezilla wedding from hell and the woman who had an adulterous relationship with my husband. I hope you will forgive that I will never be a big fan. I will repent all the times I wished the whole city would fall into the sea.