Get Ready for 9 more months of this…

…if the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism is really stupid enough to nominate this man. The bumper sticker will be coupled with other gems like “Newt is a victim.” – Rush Limbaugh or “Everybody’s had an angry ex-spouse.” – Rush Limbaugh and some richly deserved derisive remark about the Family Values Party.

The fascinating thing about this past week is how starkly it highlights the amazing knack American conservatives (and particularly religious conservatives) have for backing dodgy frauds and shady characters–and then embracing the notion that opposition to or criticism of them can *only* be due to some liberal conspiracy. Gingrich played his audience like a fiddle in SC, turning his hypocritical high dudgeon about the press’ interest in the disgusting treatment of his famil(ies) into some kind of orgasmic stimulation of the pleasure center in the audience.

It reminded me of nothing so much as this:

Sheer hatred of the media and the overwhelming wish fulfillment fantasy that all our problems are due to lefty reporters simply crushed rational thought and, like a college sophomore who has had too many beers, the GOP electorate somehow concluded that this man was attactive and suitable material for a long term commitment. If, upon sobering up, this crazy electorate continues to persuade itself of that delusion, it will get exactly what it deserves when he lead it to it Gotterdammerung this fall. Only God knoweth whether the Right will finally begin to repent of the hubris and folly that perpetually blames its own incredible lack of discernment on shadowy conspiracies and not on its own foolish embrace of folk heros who tell it what its itching ears want to hear.

That’s a really vital question, because without a sane Right, there is nobody to oppose this odious man.

  • Timbot2000

    I am reminded as well, in connection with Ron Paul and the Republicans, of the following clip

  • Dave G.

    I think this is a good point:

    “The fact is that relatively few people make a decision to vote for anyone based on any one trait or position that the candidate has. It can be tricky to understand the complex decision-making that goes into a vote. Also, the temptation among reporters is high to come up with catchy narratives to explain the vote.”

    Posted by Mollie Ziegler over at GetReligion. A pretty sound observation, even if it takes away the fun of it all.

  • Joannie

    I just want to inform readers that on an independent media site is a eye-catching story about voter fraud that is now being investigated in South Carolina and this involves dead voters. I saw actual video footage on this site where an undercover reporter asks for a dead person’s ballot and when he offers to show ID he is told it is not needed. Also there is footage of the same kind of voter and ballot fraud in both New Hampshire and Iowa (where the vote counts were done in a secret place) This may be the reason why there is a big gap between what the polls and debates show versus the actual election results we have been getting the last few weeks. I don’t recall this back in 2008 within the GOP elections not just Election Day itself.

  • pol

    These days “sane Right” is an oxymoron. The reaction you are seeing is in part, a reaction to a country that is rapidly becoming a MUCH more diverse place i.e much less white AND a lot more secular.

  • Dan C

    South Carolina voters bought Newt Gingrinch. Its clear. I think Molly Ziegler can try to avoid the painfully obvious-nearly a majority of South Carolina bought the candidate referring to the “food stamp” President, who holds poverty against African-Americans (as discussed in one back-and-forth), and doesn’t understand why kids on welfare aren’t in workhouses.

    This is the same group cheering him on days before (another group of Republicans disbelieving a woman who says something sexually off-putting about the flavor-of-the-month). Republican voters cheered the death penalty, booed the Golden Rule, cheered the possibility of individuals dying due to basic health care needs, and so on.

    I think the mob is making a statement. The news of the this election year is the Republican voter.

    • Dave G.

      I think Mollie meant what Mollie said – it’s wise to resist the temptation of thinking that there’s obviously one simple thing wrong with people who don’t vote this or that way. Sound advice.

  • R. Howell

    Before jumping off a bridge over the South Carolina vote, consider that 60% of the voters went for one of the three men with unblemished public marital records. The fact that more went for the other guy than for any one of his opponents does not add up to an overwhelming endorsement.

  • Fr. Frank

    I read a comment on another combox about the SC debate standing ovation that I suspect is true. The commenter compared the audience at the debate with the OJ Simpson jury, the general sentiment being not so much in favor of Gingrich as against King and the MSM. IOW, the ovation was like saying, “Yeah, Newt probably did it; but this is for all the other guys the media destroyed who didn’t deserve it.”

    If this is true, and I think it may be, rational political discourse is well and truly dead.