As the War Drums Pound

A Conservative Blog for Peace resists the next stampede for war

Iran thinks it has the right to defend itself? Is the world going totally nuts? Lots of talk about the Strait of Hormuz. Ya know, Iran is right there on the Strait of Hormuz. I mean, right there. But okay. I guess the U.S. sends an aircraft carrier along with a battle group and even several U.S. choppers because those terrible Iranians have a fleet of warships floating right next to the southern tip of Manhattan. And then there are some of Iran’s bombers flying practice runs along the Atlantic coast. Like, all the time, for months and months! So yeah, I’m sure that’s the explanation.

My own suspicion is that Obama may sucker the End to Evil crowd on their own bloodlust and figure out a way to launch a war against Iran just before the election, solidifying the war-propagandized American people around himself and beating the Hawks at their own game. I hope that if he tries this Americans will see through the shell game, but the thrilling combination of manly bloodshed of Scary Foreigners abroad and the promise of free contraceptive candy at home is almost irresistible to our debased and corrupt Empire of Hedonism. If Obama is a smart pol (and he is) St. Niccolo Machiavelli, Patron of Debased Politics, will surely smile on such a strategy, though the angels will weep.

We’ll see.

  • Joseph

    …the thrilling combination of manly bloodshed of Scary Foreigners abroad and the promise of free contraceptive candy at home is almost irresistible to our debased and corrupt Empire of Hedonism.

    The perfect Orwell/Huxley cocktail. I never knew why they argued over whose “future” would be the most realistic one. I always believed that both could coexist perfectly. One man’s Brave New World is another man’s 1984.

  • Glenn

    If Israel makes an Iranian strike, let alone the US launching a campaign against Iran, I suspect that we will see things like suicide bombers in our cities. When that type of thing occurs, all bets are off as far as what freedoms and liberties the American citizenry will be willing to sacrifice for a sense of safety and security. “The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven” indeed.

    • kenneth

      I don’t think that will even be the worst of it. A doubling of petroleum prices (and unemployment) will pretty much do us in and inflict more damage on our society than the Iranians could even with another 9/11.

  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    I wish voters would pick up a history book now and then. This is EXACTLY the kind of behavior that finally toppled most empires — Rome, Britain, the U.S.S.R.

    That being said, I don’t find war with Iran all that imminent. I think all the saber rattling on both sides has to do more with political posturing than actual war.

    Besides, war with Iran isn’t just war with Iran, since you have two other huge players in the mix: Russia and China. So war with Iran doesn’t just mean war against those mean Muslims that the chickenhawks would have us believe. It means World War III.

    • Chris

      I disagree that China or Russia give a whit about Iran. Iran has a lousy economy, is not a massive oil producer, and is frankly a liability to both Russia and China, much like North Korea. Public posturing is an epidemic, so I don’t think we can even take their warnings at face value.

      Put it this way, the problem with elites vs. everyone else is not limited to the United States. We’re just extremely late to the party.

      • kenneth

        The Russians and Chinese wont’ lift a finger against us. They’ll simply chortle with glee as we fatally weaken ourselves with another senseless war. China will happily extend us another couple trillion dollars in debt. The Russians will bloviate about Western imperialism, but Middle East conflict is very, very good for their arms industry. North Korea has no influence on anything save for their own bomb and the threat of a refugee crisis if they ever tank as a country. That place is one order away from Jonestown….

  • Ted Seeber

    St. Augustine’s City of God placed the first idea of just war vs unjust war on our religion. I wonder if any of these Hawks, on either the left or the right, have ever bothered to read it.

    INVASION IS NEVER JUSTIFIABLE. Ever. It always takes a bad situation and makes it worse.

    After reading City of God, I’m not even sure we were right to invade Germany at the end of WWII- and I’m very sure that Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have not been necessary had our peace negotiators understood Japanese Culture a little bit better.