The trick is getting there

  • Sean P. Dailey


    No, the hard part is choosing where to live. Middle Earth? Earthsea? Hogwarts? Or to quote Bilbo, all of them at once!

    • Ted Seeber

      The Shire. Easy choice for me. It’s the Chestertonian Distributist ideal.

    • Sean P. Dailey

      On that reasoning, I would pick Bree. Don’t have to worry about banging my head on the lintel or rafters every time I go to the inn. Plus, men aren’t allowed in the Shire by order of the king.

  • Rosemarie


    My son would probably love to visit Sodor.

    • CJ

      Heh. Mine too. In fact, he’d probably want to stay.

    • Ted Seeber

      There’s a good map of Sodor in the 50th anniversary Omnibus edition of the books. I’ve always thought it would be interesting to build an HO scale outdoor theme park from it. The only question- where do I find a square mile of relatively flat ground and good climate with a river or ocean nearby?

      • Rosemarie


        The river or ocean thing could be rectified by a moat or canal.

  • Noah D

    Or, in the case of Westeros, not getting there.

    I can’t find Mossflower Wood on the map, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be. It’s probably in Narnia.

  • Dave Pawlak

    You have to have Oz and its neighboring countries in there somewhere. Maybe Dinotopia’s in the Eastern Nonestic Ocean…

    • Ted Seeber

      OZ needs to be surrounded by a desert, and thus in the middle of a continent someplace.

      • Rosemarie


        I always thought Oz was up in the clouds; you know, “Somewhere over the rainbow.”

        Also, I could be mistaken but this looks like a map of UK fictional places. Oz comes from US fiction, so maybe that’s why it’s not there?

        • Cantorboy

          Oz can’t be put on a map because it is, like Purgatory, a state of being rather than a place.

      • Dave Pawlak
  • SDG

    Prydain is conspicuously absent.

    • Sean P. Dailey

      Never heard of it. Off to Wikipedia I go.

  • Man of La Mancha

    No Equestria? Bronies are disappoint.

    • victor

      IKR? But Lidsville’s location right next to Hyrule should make it easier to launch a full scale Goron invasion of it.

    • Kml

      Thanks for that….I now have oatmeal in my nasal passages.

  • Robert King

    But: Hogwarts is a school in England, Camp Half-Blood (I presume that’s what they mean) is (iirc) in upstate New York, and Panem is (will be?) roughly contiguous with the United States (the Capitol is around Denver).

    Also, Utopia is the wrong shape. It is actually sort of horseshoe shaped.

    Agreed that Prydain deserves inclusion; but I’m not sure I’d trust someone so ignorant of real geography to place it on a map.

  • H. Hobbit

    Now this is frustrating! I need a “You are HERE,” reference –for surely I am somewhere on the map………….

  • Dave G.

    I noticed no Oz. But Lidsville? I remember that stange show. Charles Neslon Reilly if I remember correctly.

  • Cantorboy

    How far does the map need to be extended to show Gilligan’s Island?

    • Sean P. Dailey

      Or the island from LOST?

    • Sean P. Dailey

      Ach, come to think of it, we wouldn’t be able to see the island from LOST if it was there, so we may as well just assume it is there.

  • 10Kan

    Now I finally understand peoples’ misgivings about Harry Potter! Calormen from Narnia and the Sauron-dominated lands of the Easterlings from LotR are both just aliases for Hogwarts.

  • jcb

    If Hyrule makes the cut, Tamriel should as well.

    • victor

      Hm. I disagree (especially considering how Anglo-centric the map is). But while we’re dreaming, I’d like to state that the Mushroom Kingdom also deserves a place on the map.

  • Dale Price

    Feh. No Hyboria.

  • Sherry

    Torn between wanting to have a conversation with a Badger, owning a Firebolt and having a home with a round door. Love it all.

  • Mark S (not for Shea)

    If I had my pick, I’d move to Rivendell.

    But I’m geek enough to notice that Westeros is WAAAAAAAY too small on that map.

  • Peggy Hagen

    I guess if you’re going to map out all the Shadows, it makes sense that Amber wouldn’t be on the map anywhere. But not even a doorway?

    • Noah D

      What, no Pell, no Far Gatmander, no Anurrn? ;)

    • Noah D

      Gah. Meant for that to be it’s own post.

      For Ms. Hagen:

      Thank you, excellent point!

      I must now go find my Amber RPG books…

  • Cantorboy

    Sadly there is no zoom device for this map. I really want to find Riverdale, Bedford Falls and Smallville. I suspect that we could also confirm that Clarksville is located on Sodor.

  • Mark R

    And no Discworld?

  • Martial Artist

    Whoever drew the map omitted a key location: Dystopia.


    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  • Sean P. Dailey

    Speaking of Chesterton, the map’s gravest omission is that it omits Elfland.

  • current lector

    No one has mentioned Mithil Stonedown or Andelain!

  • Hank

    I agree with the demands for Prydain, Redwall Abbey/Mossflower Forest, and Oz.

    Also, what about:

    The Lands Beyond (or maybe it’s The Kingdom of Wisdom…hmmm), from The Phantom Tollbooth

    Platform 13 and The Island of the Aunts from the books by Eva Ibbotson

    Bonespittle from the Troll King Trilogy

    The BFG’s island from Roald Dahl’s book.

    And if we can bend time and space a bit more, how about the land of the Morlocks and Eloi in The Time Machine, and the planet of The Little Prince?