Yay! I am at my lowest weight…

…since the late 80s! Just hit 260 lbs (down 75 lbs). On to 250, with the help of God! I’ve lost a second grader! Somewhere in Seattle, the world’s ugliest kid–made entirely of fat–is wandering around and nobody will take him in.

Or maybe this is how it works:

Here are before and after photos:

  • http://confederatepapist.blogspot.com/ Confederate Papist

    ****thunderous applause****

  • CJ

    Everyone knows that you are born jolly. You can’t “pray the jolly away.” It’s only a matter of time before an investigative reporter catches you walking out of McDonald’s noshing on a super-sized value meal. Diabetes isn’t the result of your “lifestyle,” it’s caused by people judging you for who you are.

    Just kidding, BRAVO!

  • http://blog.steveskojec.com Steve Skojec

    It feels good, doesn’t it?

    I’m at 281 today, shooting for about 230-240. That’s the least I’ve weighed (with a very brief exception) in the last 10 years.

    I’m 6’4″, so I can carry a good bit of weight, but I’ve crossed the 300lb. barrier more than once, and one time was too many.

    Just curious, since I don’t read you every day – what are you doing to accomplish these fantastic feats?

    • Mark Shea
      • http://blog.steveskojec.com Steve Skojec

        Interesting. If I may make a recommendation, check out the Primal Blueprint. It would incorporate what you’re doing now, but take it further. And it should be fantastic if you’re diabetic (no sugar or grains at all).

        Not to mention it’s full of delicious foods that tend to make you full longer and thus, make it easier to eat less.

        I wrote about our initial foray here. Today, I wrote more about the effect that getting wheat out of our diet has had, along with a bunch of supporting research.

        I’m becoming a bit of an evangelist for this way of doing things because it’s been so profoundly effective in our lives in a way that nothing else has. I’ve been 60-70lbs. overweight for the last decade, and I’m finally taking that off, getting energy back, and feeling mentally clear (with good moods to boot) in a way I haven’t since I was a teenager. And I feel no real desire to ever go back to the way things were before, which is the usual killer in dieting to lose weight.

        In any event, congrats! It’s a hard-earned accomplishment.

  • thomas tucker

    Unfortunately, according to the First Law of Thermodynamics, someone somewhere is getting very fat.

    • thomas tucker

      Oh crap. I just looked in the mirror and realized that it’s me.

  • Richard Johnson

    Congratulations! Here’s hoping that in another year that second grader becomes a sixth grader!

  • http://www.pilgrimage.subcreators.com Lori Pieper

    Pictures! Where are the pictures?

    (Great job, Mark!)

    • Mark Shea

      Your wish is my command!

  • kenneth

    You, and I, and a few others I know need to try my fitness program, which has been in development for some years now but not actually run. It’s called the “Rabbit-proof fence” program. Basically, we walk from one end of Australia to the other! “Jigalong?……proper long way!”

  • Chad Myers

    This is really fantastic. Great job, Mark!

    I recently started doing CrossFit which is intense, but you can go at your own pace (which I do). I highly recommend it. I’ve seen a lot of CrossFit success stories from people who lost a lot of weight through diet and simple exercise, but were having problems getting the last few (ten, dozen, 20 or so) pounds off.

    They also do CrossFit exercises on the “Biggest Loser” TV show, so you can see the results there.

  • Alfredo Escalona

    I’ll take the International Raconteur and Bon Vivant Monsieur Le Hut
    anyday over Clooney Clonehood!!!

    “Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator. You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

    Quick, somebody tie him down and force feed him back to normal!!!

  • julie

    :) Congratulations! My sixth grader is around 75 pounds, (he’s a real string bean) so you actually could be heading on to Jr. High. A fun read – thanks.

  • Paladin

    I and other people have found that one great way to celebrate losing weight is to pick up an equivalent of the weight you lost and just think about how your body is no longer carrying that much around.

    Oh, and BO SHUDA! (Congratulations Exalted One! ;-) )

  • http://confidentlycatholic.wordpress.com Cherie

    Congrats & keep it up! I’m on a year-long plan to lose all my “college weight” (finishing grad school seemed like the last opportunity to call it that), and I plan to celebrate hitting my goal weight by buying an Adipose plushie from ThinkGeek. They’re the cutest, cuddliest fat-goblins ever!

    I actually had an issue with my weight loss success going to my head and came down with a nasty case of the prides. I actually just finished writing a post about it here. I think you’re really wise to have gone for anointing and ask God for help up front. Here’s to your continued success in developing a healthier temple for the Spirit!

  • SouthCoast

    Glad to see you out on bail so soon!

    • Mark Shea

      Prison food sucks.

      • SouthCoast

        Hence the sudden svelte-itude!

  • Steven A. Dunn

    Congratulations on the weight loss! I’ve been trying to get down to 150 from 200 myself. I started this diet a few weeks ago and I’ve seen a big improvement in my overall health, especially my sleep, which has been problematic for at least 10 years.

    Remember, to lose weight all you need is calories in < calories out!

  • http://confidentlycatholic.wordpress.com Cherie

    I think my comment got sent to the spam bucket because I used a link- if it resurfaces please delete this :)

    Congrats & keep it up! I’m on a year-long campaign to lose my “college weight” (just finished grad school, so this is the last chance to call it that). When I hit my goal, I plan on buying one of those adorable Adipose plushies from ThinkGeek. I think something about The Doctor’s badassery/morality/smartitude combination is super appealing to nerdy Catholics. Either that, or nerdy Catholics are just a subset of awesome people, and awesome people love Doctor Who.

    Anyway, I think it was truly wise to seek anointing and dedicate the whole weight loss affair to God. I tried doing it on my own, and while I did start losing weight, I also came down with a nasty case of the prides. Thanks for being an example of how to do it right!

  • Betsy

    Love the after picture, in fact I think you are my husband’s long lost twin.

  • Chris M

    As a 6’2 guy who went from over 275 down to 205, I salute you, sir! Keep it going! I still have 10-15 more to go and it seems those are the ones my body has decided to cling to like a drowning sailor

  • Devra

    Wonderful news! So far I’ve lost the equivalent of a very large newborn (my 8th child was a ten-pound boy) and now I’m inspired to keep going.

  • Amy P.

    Huzzah & kudos.

    Also, you owe me a new keyboard for the whole Jabba-George thing…

  • quasimodo

    75 pounds. That would be a big second grader.

  • tubbs

    and blood-sugar levels must be good? CHEERS M
    arcus Maximus!

  • j. blum

    I thought the Adipose 3 babies were rather cute. I hope to shed two or three of them myself. I shall then resume the search for the Lost Moon of Pooosh.

  • Hezekiah Garrett

    I’m more disturbed that you apparently used to smoke a bong with some kind of fish swimming in it.

  • http://www.pilgrimage.subcreators.com Lori Pieper

    Only just now got online again – thanks for the pics. Hilarious!

  • Jason

    Congrats Mark. I lost 120 pounds a few years ago. It is possible, and I did it the old fashioned way, control my eating and exercise. Been hard keeping it off though…that’s the real test.