Eerie Doppelgangers and other People Who Aren’t Me

I am not Geoffrey Williams. Geoffrey Williams is not me. We share no DNA.

I am also not Mark Shea, by the way.

Nor am I Mark Shea, Mark Shea, or Mark Shea. The lawyerly trio of Mark Shea, Mark Shea & Mark Shea, in addition to not being me, are also not each other.

I am, however, Mark Shea (seated on the left):

In conclusion, while I am Mark Shea, I must stress that I am mostly not Mark Shea and do not constitute most of the Mark Shea biomass of planet Earth (particularly since I lost75 pounds).

  • Dan C

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  • Barbara

    Look at that adorable boy! Love that picture.

  • Julie

    That polyphony group is great! Maybe you could have some kind of singing and acting double-act with that Geoffrey Williams guy!

  • Mark Windsor

    So, are you becoming a quantum state? That would make it possible for you to be both Mark Shea and not-Mark Shea at the same time, while existing simultaneously at every point in the universe. We would then only be able to tell if you are or are not Mark Shea when we open the box and looked in. Thereby, Mark Shea only exists based upon the observance of Mark Shea.

    …I think…

  • Faith

    That singing was gorgeous! Thank you!

  • Martial Artist

    Congratulations on losing 5 stone and 5 (pounds). You have been looking much more svelte, not to mention healthier. I trust that you are also feeling more fit and energetic.

    Keith Töpfer