More Bad Religion Journalism

As Jerry Large demonstrates here in the Soviet of Washington’s own Pravda and Nicholas Kristof and MoDo show in the NY Times, religious journalism has reached the point where all that is necessary for chattering class pundits is to glance at a couple of headlines, read “something something contraception, something something women religious, something something bishops” and you are good to go with a ready-made screed about the Church oppressing women. There isn’t even the pretense of logic or familiarity with what’s happening. The job of these people is to affirm the target audience in the prejudices and keep the beer and shampoo advertisers happy by contenting their audience in unit cohesion agitprop. The average NY Times or Seattle Times reader does not, after all, want to *think* about the Catholic Church. They simply want to be told that they are better than Catholics, so these organs of propaganda give their readers what they want.

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  • Laura Kazlas

    A lot of time I don’t have the time to read articles closely either. I’m on my lunch break right now and wish I did have more time to read though.

  • Dan S.

    “Bla bla. War on women. Bla bla. Bishop sex abuse cover-up. Bla bla are nuns are heroes and if you don’t like them you hate poor people. Bla bla sexism funny hats. Bla bla.”

    Maybe I SHOULD have pursued a career in journalism. The standards are apparently at at an all-time low.

  • TheRealAaron

    The standards are apparently at at an all-time low.
    But so are the pay, job security and working conditions. The question is, which is the cause and which is the effect?

  • Liam

    This was one of five syndicated columns the times ran on this subject. It ended with Nicole Brodeur calling Archbishop Sartain a flying monkey. Commenters claimed her membership was both dwindling and frighteningly influential. All sorts of contradictions were welcomed as long as they didn’t support the Church.