My Son Luke the Nordic Giant…

…has sad tidings for the star of “Quantum Leap”:

  • Dr. Eric

    I’m missing the joke. Did Scott Bakula star in a vampire movie?

    • Mark Shea

      Nope. Just a silly rhyme.

      • KML

        (Mark, when I view this it extends over into the vertical column on the right, making the “Bakula” line hard to see….could be just my computer, but maybe a reason Dr. Eric didn’t see the joke. Which is a good knee-slapper, BTW.)

        • iClaudius

          Yes, there seems to be some formatting issue. The Gargoyle Code ad is blocking the image of Scott Bakula.

      • Dr. Eric

        OK. I could make out the image of the local boy who made good. He’s from St. Louis.