The Invaluable Mike Flynn gently tries…

to educate a devotee of the cult of Science as the All Explaining Theory of Everything into a less cramped mental universe.

Along the way, he gives one of his rollicking and fun philosophy/history of science/theology lessons that he does so very well.

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  • Pavel


    Go back to not looking at the sun
    But at the tiger beetles and their iridescent emerald backs,
    This is to solve an algebra of high allusive order
    Cicindela sexguttata

    For as their bright elytra soak an emerald sunlight
    They give back that green sky we cannot see;
    Their grubs go humpbacked and spring backwards,
    Another thought transaction of a green allusion

    But if you would not solve abstruse equations
    Walk slowly on a woodland trail
    The bank or berm of which is clay,
    Look down and see them gleam more brightly than the April leaves

    Green altar, sanctuary of the eyes of God
    Who through my own eyes sees what He has made
    And through my thoughts has thought them through
    And thinks them wonderful who is Himself a wonder

    April 4, 2012