Cdl. Dolan, OSV, Notre Dame, FUS, various other organizations and 40 dioceses to Obama:



"So what? So what?What does ANY of that have to do what God has told ..."

Let’s talk about Romans 13
"Then I suggest you petition your local municipality, your state and the federal government to ..."

Let’s talk about Romans 13
"Meh, you shared this already. Nice to see the bishops doing their jobs."

Let’s talk about Romans 13
"You know I do, but, with no explanation, you DON'T call what follows a "dangerous ..."

Let’s talk about Romans 13

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  • Hoorah! Best of luck to our American cousins! Sock it to them. Remember that the student body of Notre Dame once ran the KKK off the campus, led by the football team!

  • Gordon Zaft

    Um, do you mean FUS?

  • Consistency

    Here come the Irish!

  • Notre Dame?

    So, let me get this straight, Notre Dame (and numerous other so-called ‘Catholic’ universities) fawn all over Obama, welcoming him with honors and celebration. Now, they’re SHOCKED that their guy in all actuality, isn’t the great guy they thought he was?

    • Mark Shea

      Yes! Let us always cling to grudges! Let us never welcome it when somebody changes their mind and gets a clue! it’s more important to despise heretics than to welcome converts!


      • poohead

        Missed the point???

        • ivan_the_mad

          There’s something on your head …

    • S. Murphy

      They welcomed him to show they were proud of the first Black president, honored his purported committment to the Constitution, and hoped he would respect the First Amendment. He made nice, friendly noises, then went on to declare war on Catholic conscience. They weren’t so blinded by a need to justify their earlier welcome as to fail to notice the declaration of war. This is a good thing.
      I wasn’t happy about ND lining up with the Nobel Prize committee to [censored]; but in retrospect, this is good – nobody can honestly claim that ‘ND was always hostile to Obama, so their current concerns are predictable sectarian partisanship.’ They sailed up with all hands on deck to render a salute, and he heaved around and broadsided them.

      • I was looking for the “like” button on your comment, Sue. 😉

  • I still haven’t found anything that says the Bishops were against Obama’s reforms. They were against this, mandating abortion or similar things, but I haven’t found anything where they seemed to stand against it on any other grounds. If there are links I haven’t found, I’d love to access them.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      The bishops were against the specific plans of Obamacare, but praised the efforts of universal health care in general. They sat in a position that angered the Right (because they were pro-univeral health care) and ticked off the Left (because they were specifically against the conscience-trampling Obamacare).

      This, of course, allows the Right to call the bishops Commies whenever they criticize a pet project of Republicans, and allows the Left to criticize the Conspiracy to Create a Conservative Theocracy at the same time.

      All the right enemies…

    • Ted Seeber

      You’re shocked that you can’t find anyplace that the Bishops say “you can kill the sick and injured for a better stock price”? That was, after all, the status quo that Obamacare was supposed to do away with- any student of distributism knows why it failed (and guess what, it wasn’t because it was too socialist).

  • I”m proud to be a Catholic.

    • Me too.

      and now my comment isn’t too short