A Physicist Tries His Best to Explain How Everything Comes from Nothing

…but winds up saying that everything came from Something (gravity, physical laws that were already there). In short, he doesn’t really tell us how Everything came from nothing. He just renames the Something the universe came from “Nothing” and then doesn’t explain where that Something came from.

He seems to me, in the end, to be like the guy who looks for his lost car keys under the lamp post since since that’s where the light is, even though the keys disappeared when he was in the bar down the street. At least, that’s all I can glean from a concluding remark like this:

For whatever it’s worth, when I think of nothing, I think about empty spacetime and the physical Universe: that’s where my interests lie, and that’s where I believe the knowable lies.

At the same time, at least he has more humility than a lot of devotees of intellect worship and acknowledges that philosophy might have something to teach him:

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something wonderful to be gained from philosophizing.

I would love to put him and Mike Flynn together for a conversation. I think a real conversation could happen.

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  • http://disputations.blogspot.com Tom K.

    “…that’s where I believe the knowable lies.”

    At least he’s expressing this correctly, as an article of his faith.

  • I won

    Hawking, in his last book said something to like, “…as long as there is gravity, there is no need for a God in the origin…”

    Silly statement when it is a fundamental that ALL physical laws breakdown at big bang, and Gravity is a physical law. Physics breaks down because nothing “physical” exists at the beginning. Wrong tool for the job.

  • LUKE1732

    Fr. Robert Spitzer has done a lot of heavy lifting in this area:

    • Ted Seeber

      Exactly the comment I was about to make. I’m currently re-reading “New Proofs for the Existence of God”. Fr. Spritzer is a wonderful writer, but I fear he’s not very accessible to the common man who doesn’t have a vocabulary in both philosophy and science.

      I really need to look up the word “ontological” again.